Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swinging By and Waving a Hand~ Hello Cyber-Space!

Not much time this morning, but I wanted to swing by and say hello to everyone who has been catching up with us via the blog recently. Not too much going on right now, but Dan's Mom is in town (Otherwise known as Mambo) and we are enjoying her visit.  I worked nearly 60 hours last week, and while I do enjoy my job, 60 hours with someone else's kids is no picnic, especially when one parent is out of town and the littlest one lost her binky. To say that it was a long week doesn't really do it justice. Add in Karen, Tyler and Tiana's moving adventure, David's job, an unexpected chance to visit with the Milstead family plus our regular schedule of events as well, and you've got a long long LONG week. But, it's over and we are moving on to better days. Field trip to the El Paso zoo with all the kids was fun. DT went with Jodi after is week at zoology camp, but the rest of us trooped off together to enjoy the zoo. Mambo went along and had a good time spoiling the kids with ice cream and root beer floats.
This week we are looking forward to Independence day complete with a BBQ at the Man Crew House, a field trip to City of Rocks state park, and fireworks and dirt track racing on Saturday evening. David is working a few days this week for "Party in the USA" camp. This past week several people have approached me to let me know that they are so impressed with David's ability to coach the little ones. That always makes a mama feel proud to know her child is doing well in his chosen field.
That's about it for now. I know, rather random and shockingly short, but Little Miss just woke up (at 10:15) and needs some sustenance before we head off to do the weekly grocery shopping to feed the man horde that calls my house home. :) Have a wonderful (and SAFE) Independence day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Catching UP with us Meyer's

The original intent of this post title was to just give a basic overview of the week that we'd just had, so in honor of returning to our roots and getting back to the basics, let's begin again with the weekly "Catching UP with us Meyer's" post.
This week has been a refreshing breeze compared to some we've had recently. I have had the week off because the Benson family is vacationing in a beach house in Florida. So I've enjoyed plenty of time for projects large and small, I've caught up with friends in person, on the phone and in cyber-space. I have cleaned and organized, played with the boys, ENJOYED cooking again instead of just serving whatever was the fastest and easiest option, and I even caught up on my blog during the hot and lazy afternoon hours.

~~Dan has returned to the work force and is enjoying the regular routine of that.  He's going to be working 60 hours each week, but as it worked out the boss man said *only* 40 this week so everyone could enjoy a little more time with family over the Father's Day weekend coming up. So, he's managed to workout each day on the way home, even after last night's Union Meeting. The man is a work horse. No wonder we call him Hercules! He is enjoying a few more evenings with the boys, especially DT since once he goes to 60 hour weeks, he will only be seeing DT on Sundays mainly. Boo to that. However, we know that this job will end in 6 months, so we can already see the end of that tunnel and I'm glad it's just for a short time.
~~D and P are home from last week's youth camp and are thrilled about no school for another week and that's a good thing since it is all the summer break they are getting :) David is working at the gym, not only coaching his boys classes on Thursdays and Saturdays, but now that summer day camps have started, he is working there a few days a week. He is predicting his next paycheck to have TRIPLE digits on it and he is SO EXCITED! (Oh to be 15 again) Patrick is enjoying the less strenuous schedule this week by spending copious hours in his room listening to music and hanging out with David whenever he is available. He's SUCH a teenager :) But  he's also been quite helpful with some of the extra chores that I've decided needed to be done around the house to prepare for company coming next week.
~~Derek has been flourishing at his summer day camp each afternoon with Jodi since he's the oldest one there and knows all the answers. What an ego boost for him! He's also enjoying getting to sleep in this week and he is really good at it. I think given the opportunity, he would be a night owl. He has spent many happy hours racing up and down the street with the neighborhood friends and would stay out ALL day if I let him. It must be summer. He heads out in the morning, only comes home for snack and drinks and comes home at the end of the evening completely worn out and filthy :) That's a happy childhood right there.
~~I just spent almost an hour on the phone with 'Shua. It was so great to hear his voice and know that all is well in his end of the world. Makes a mama proud to know her children have become well rounded, able bodied citizens that are contributing to society by learning and working a trade, being a good spouse and being content with their life. Feel real good.
I could go on and on, and on, but I need to scoot off to pick up Derek from his camp and go home to get the house ready for Game Night. Welcome to the weekend, friends!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Corners of our Home

 I've shared in posts past about my holiday hallway, the fireplace mantle, and showed pictures of my home often. However, they are generally wide angle pictures that don't show the details of the house, more of an overview. So here is a peek into a corner or two of the house. Enjoy!

A corner of the kitchen bar counter that never gets used, so I decorate it for each season. Here we are ready for all those summery AMERICAN holidays!
Our fireplace has a lovely little hearth that is perfect for perching on while chatting with Dad in his recliner, or putting little toys on for toddlers to find, or putting school books on during a chilly winter morning.
Or for decorating for the seasons as well. Ta Da, all dressed up and nowhere to go!
Here is my office desk in the Dining room/School room. Between the calendar, the bulletin board, the bill paying center and my laptop, I do my best to keep the family organized and on time from this little corner.

I will add to this series as time allows. Thanks for taking a little tour with me!
  Blessings, ~K~

Catching UP with Us Meyer's~ January through June 2013 edition: Part 5

Part 5??? How is it that A.) I let this blog sit on the back burner for so long and B.) That I took so many pictures that I really want to share? (Note to self: Make regular time to blog in the future days. Facebook is great for sharing little blurbs, but blogging is where it's at to share stories!)
Moving right along. Part 5 it is. What's next?

March: The month of March brought us Alec, who hadn't been to see us in 3 years due to finances and work commitments. It was such a blessing to have him among us again. As one of the original Lost Boys, it was wonderful for me to be able to wrap my arms around him and have a few heart to hearts. But when he wasn't chatting with me, he had a ball with the Man Crew. Taught Dan and the BIGS how to build better Magic Decks, read Calvin and Hobbes to DT, spent many hours in front of video games and slept a lot. He even let me trim the MANE. I was touched. :)

 Magic throw down time!
 He rode the dune buggies with the boys and fun was had by all!
 It was hard to say goodbye, but he will return again to us, so until then..."Fare well, my boy!"

EASTER! Mom and I had such fun planning for Easter. The Man Crew decorated a TON of eggs for the egg hunt, Mom and I deliberated over the food as if the queen of England was coming, Jodi provided all the fixings once Mom and I finally chose a menu, and we all eagerly anticipated the big day. Easter, the day of remembrance of the rising of our Savior. This is not something we take lightly. So, after much anticipation, and much ado, it was here.

 The Man Crew takes a lousy family picture. Where is a professional photographer when you need one? Oh well, they are all looking in the same direction and no one is making a 'calvin' face. I'll take it. I already shared the pics from egg decorating and the church service, so these are from the family gathering.
 James and T put on their best faces for a 'nice' picture.
 Then we let them get silly. :)
 DT hunting for eggs. Sadly most of my pictures weren't worth having. But fun was had by all and we remembered why the day was so special.
He is RISEN. He is risen INDEED!

Dune Buggy Outing: Dan took the boys out to the desert by our house one afternoon that was particularly windy. They had all been looking forward to it and decided not to the let the wind ruin their fun, so they bundled up appropriately and away they went. It's nice for them all to get out of the house together sometime.
 DT broke out his ninja costume and sunglasses to protect himself from the blowing sand.
 Pat opted for actual goggles and a shared ninja costume to keep the sand out of his mouth and nose.
David went with shades and a bandana but wouldn't let me take a close up of him. He's too cool for that these days. LOL! Dan decided to opt for just sunglasses and fuss with trying to get all the sand off later, so he didn't pose for a picture either. Spoilsport! At any rate, they had a good time together and zipped around the desert until they ran out of gas. Good stuff!

Catching UP with Us Meyer's~ January through June 2013 edition: Part 4

I am having fun with this little series while I'm trying valiantly to catch back up so we can move on with a fresh slate. Hope you are, too! This is going to be the random post where I try to squeeze in all the random pics that don't make a post by themselves :) Hang on, here we go!
After Christmas was over, and all the excitement was over...
We started off the New Year with lots of rest since we'd all be sick for so long.
 In early January, it actually SNOWED in Cruces (and yes, my child is wearing shorts *sigh*) DT was quite excited about this and enjoyed the snow for the 47 minutes is was on the ground.
 Gymnastic season started. David and his pal, Derek seem to have mixed emotions about that,
 but David has learned how to soar right over his competition!
 Fun days were spent making puzzles, enjoying movies and popcorn and slowly getting back into the swing of things at the Man Crew House.
 Tyler's late arriving Christmas gift from PaPa and Grma was a hit!
 DT learned the Greek Alphabet. Hurray for homeschooling!
 We enjoyed a trip to the local fire department. DT was thrilled with all the buttons and knobs, but saddened that fire stations no longer have dalmatians OR fire poles.
 However, all was not lost as the knowledgeable firemen took them for a tour and let them climb all over the truck.
 I allowed the BIGS to massacre the sad, squishy pumpkins from the fall with a 4 foot sword. Oh yes, I AM that mom :)
 We enjoyed some beautiful weather, with outstanding sunrises and sunsets.
 Jodi, James and T spent many hours at the Man Crew House visiting with us and Dad and Mom. T likes Uncle Dan's tickle fights, even though he always loses.
 Gymnastics season continued.
 David did well and earned the admiration of his teammates and coaches for his hard work.
 He even learned some new BIG tricks, like this one that I magically caught him mid-air.
 We hosted a Magic the Gathering card game tournament and had LOTS of fun!
 Here are the final standings. The out of town wringer won it all, but the surprising 2nd place went to Dan. I was pleased for him since he had worked and worked and WORKED on his decks all week under the guidance of said out of town wringer.
 The Black Ninja came to visit his country cousin the White Ninja and even stopped long enough to mop the floor for me. As if he made any marks ;)
And someone played in the tub too long.

Wordless Wednesday

Hot day + Sweet Tea = Good times
The End

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's the Little Things

I've discovered as I make this journey through life that it's not the huge things that make or break your day, week, month or life. It's the little things. So in honor of the little things, list a few with me that made your day, week, month or life brighter or sweeter. 
  • It's digging through old pictures and enjoying the memories all over again.
  • It's sharing those pictures (and often random thoughts) with you here so we can ALL enjoy them over and over.
  • It's having boys big enough to leave one at home in charge of catching up on laundry and getting dinner ready so I can have an hour or two of quiet at the library.
  • It's having teenagers that still like to hang out with their little cousins, and even purchasing *kiddy* trading cards so they can play games together.
  • It's spending an hour doing a task that you've been putting off for far too long, and then being able to stand back and enjoy the results. 
  • It's a linen closet full of line dried sheets and towels.
  • It's knowing that you have 5 more minutes to sleep when the first alarm goes off.
I like the idea of this style of post. If you like it too, add your little things! I'm making it a goal to focus on the positive this year...Join me!
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