Saturday, April 18, 2015

No Pants April 2015: Day 18

This is probably my favorite new skirt. It's just amazing. I've always loved long-Long-LONG skirts, with beading and pretty patterns, but until I emerged from 20 years of playing with toddlers in the dirt, I could really indulge that love affair. But now that my own kiddos are biggie boys, and Little Miss is old enough to not need to be carried much anymore, I can purchase things like that. And so I did!
Outfit: Long 2 tone green and gold 'gypsy' skirt with brown knit shirt, brown flats and gold hoop earrings.

Make up: Keeping it simple again, BB Cream, lipstick, mascara and a sweep of light shadow.

The original kind of  *selfie*

Friday, April 17, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 17

Squeal! Two days ago I went to the King's Treasure thrift store and scored really huge, coming home with 6 new-to-me pieces for under $4. Yesterday, I went to Good Will and came home with 2 new-to-me beauties plus an angel food pan for $10, and the pan was a little over $4 alone. So, with that in mind, I think I'm SET for the rest of NPA 2015. With a unit price of less than $1.25 each, I don't mind if one falls apart in the wash, or I step on one and rip it before the end of the month. And if I'm careful with them, they will last me at least until No Pants April 2016. :)

Outfit: Burnt Orange Wrap Knit skirt with uneven hemline ( a first for me) a white t-shirt with a floral print on it, brown flats. Sphere dangly earrings.

I CAN'T FIND MY PICTURES!! AAAGH! I will look for them on my phone later this evening and see if I can update for you. Or I'll have to recreate them if they are truly missing.

Make up: Bare Skin, mascara and lip balm. Just the basics.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 16

Hi Friends, I fell behind while I was away last weekend and am just starting to get back on track, so I'm going to catch up backwards. Here is today's outfit for NPA 2015

Outfit: NEW SKIRT from the local thrift (75 cents!!) aqua and grey print, coral t-shirt, tan high heeled sandals. Pearl earrings.

Make up: BB Cream, 3 shades of shadow, a bit of liner, a sweep of mascara and lip balm.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 15

 I am still SO loving this month! My Friend Kiter, over at  And Then There Were None, is super smart! This is great. I may even declare it to be No Pants MAY soon :) I'm going to the thrift store on my way home from work today to see if I can score some new skirts.

Outfit: Long Pink and White Crinkle skirt with simple brown t-shirt. Brown flats, a beaded bracelet and sphere dangle earrings complete the outfit.

Make up: I'm a natural looking girl at heart, so BB Cream, a sweep of mascara, a bit of eyeliner, and tinted lip balm is my fave look. I look polished and well put together without looking "Made up". Here I am amongst my glorious roses.

UPDATE: Here's a peek at the fun new things I found at the thrift store! I bought a knit dress, 2 skirts, and a complete outfit for less than $4. Hurray for purple tags being 75% off the day I wandered in!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 14

HI Friends, another beautiful day of skirt wearing in paradise :) Join us if you like. Kiter can be found blogging about No Pants April on her blog, And Then There Were None.  I am going out to breakfast with a friend, so I wanted to look extra good today.

Outfit: Blue and Yellow printed long Crinkle skirt, navy t-shirt and brown flats. I also wore 3 beaded bracelets, pearl and silver heart drop earrings, AND a necklace. I never wear necklaces, too many years among the little ones that pull on them, I suppose. :)

Make up: A FULL face worth: BB Cream, 3 shades of shadow plus liner and heavy mascara (I regretted that decision) and brownish pink lipstick.

I can't find my up close pic on the camera. I'll update when I (hopefully) find one on my phone or Kindle. Sorry.

Monday, April 13, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 13

HI Friends, I'm back from my road trip and so pleased with myself that I even road tripped during No Pants April and I didn't wear pants. Woot! I can live with that answer!

Outfit: I went for comfort today, not style. Sorry friends, I can't be awesome every day. LOL! Gray knit skirt, Convoy of Hope t-shirt, and pink Converse. Bad hair, no jewelry and bags under my eyes complete the look. ;)

Make up: Tried too hard to hide being exhausted, but and extra layer of BB Cream, a bit of shadow and liner, mascara and lipstick.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

NO Pants April 2015: Day 12

Y'all...I'm not even going to lie. The pictures for today are hideous. I've had about 12 hours sleep TOTAL over the last 3 nights (road tripping with a teenager will do that to you) and I look awful. Today is Sunday and hurray hurray, we get to drive. All. Day. Long. I can't wait to get home to my hubby and other boys. And I'm a wreck. So don't judge all of NPA 2015 by these pics, ok? OK.

Outfit: Floral skirt with Purple underskirt, lilac t-shirt and brown flats. No jewelry and no pretty hair. Just crawl out of bed and throw on some clothes.

OH MY GRAVY! The picture is worse than I thought. Now I don't know if I want to share it.

Make up: None, just puffy eyes and dry skin. Go me!

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